Photo Chopping has become an art form all of its own. For the uninitiated, it can simply be described as graphic manipulation of photos using the Adobe Photoshop application - thus the word Photochop. It is the skill of taking a photo and changing it into something else. Needless to say some are at a much higher level than others but almost anyone can "Chop", given the right amount of desire, skill and most of all, patience.


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It's hard to know what to call this one.  Is it a chop in the traditional sense?  Or is it a work of art?  Whatever you wish to name it, Chris (shreddin'tread on has taken a friend's Jag and turned it into something anyone would want to drive. Chris is now waiting for the end see the car for real.

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photoCHOPing  features the work of a number of  "Choppers" from around the globe. New ones will be added as available. Where possible I have included the original photo and credit. If you see a chop of yours without credit, please let me know.
I hope you enjoy the talents of these artists.

Most of the photos here came from people who uploaded their work to the sites listed below. Needless to say without all the individual contributors,  photoCHOPing wouldn't be here. Click on these buttons to go to their websites and forums:


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Some Photochoppers have their own web sites so we have started
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